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What to Expect with Spravato (Esketamine) Treatment

Spravato (an FDA-approved ketamine treatment) is taken as a nasal spray in our office. 


After you administer Spravato, you will be observed in our office for at least two hours. One of our health care professionals monitors you for side effects.


Spravato, like other ketamine treatments, can cause a temporary increase in your blood pressure. We will check your blood pressure before administering any ketamine, and for at least two hours after you take it.   


We recommend that you bring headphones and your favorite music, a book, or some other diversion to enjoy during this time. 


You will need someone to drive you home.


The usual treatment pattern is to take Spravato twice a week for the first month, then less frequently.

Ketamine FAQ

Q: What is ketamine?
A: Ketamine is classified as a general anesthetic, but in lower doses, it is used as an innovative treatment for depression.  

Q: How is ketamine administered for depression?
A: If ketamine is determined to be an appropriate treatment for you, we administer ketamine through a device called a nasal atomizer.  This intranasal mist is an effective delivery method that is more convenient to you than intravenous infusion. No needles required!

Q: Can I take ketamine home and administer it myself?
A: No, ketamine can only be administered in our office. During your treatment, you will be monitored closely by a licensed medical provider (physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner).

Q: How long will it take for me to start feeling better?
A: Some patients experience significant improvement in depression symptoms within hours, from a single ketamine treatment.  For others, it might take longer.

Q: How does ketamine work for treating depression?
A: It may work for depression by stimulating the growth of connections between brain cells that affect mood, but the exact mechanism of action is unknown. It has been medically proven to be an effective tool in the battle against treatment-resistant depression.

Q: Are there any side effects?
A: All medications carry risk of side effects. Most patients do not experience any unpleasant side effects from this treatment, but some do not tolerate it well. You should discuss your treatment plan with your provider to help determine if ketamine is right for you.

Q: What should I expect when receiving ketamine treatment?
A: You should plan to be at our office for two hours. We offer pleasant, comfortable treatment rooms equipped with high-backed recliners. You are welcome to bring along things that will make your experience more comfortable, including (but not limited to): an essential oil diffuser, blanket, iPad/tablet, book, and/or headphones. 

Q: Can I drive myself home after treatment?
A: No, please make sure you have a ride home. You should not drive or operate machinery until after a full night’s sleep.

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